Excerpts from my “Twist and Transcend | Spring 2016″ Newsletter

Hello, Om-mie Hommies!

Over years of assisting students as they manage issues both mental and physical on the mat, I’ve noticed a recurring pattern.

The student reports that in the past, there was pain.  Maybe it was heartbreak, maybe it was a bum knee, maybe it was both.  But they’ve cared for themselves – seeing the right doctors and getting the go-ahead to practice.  And here they are on the mat, ready to move on.

But instead of fear being left in the past, that old mental pattern shows up again, as if they were still in the trauma.  Fear/trepidation is like an unwanted guest that follows them into the yoga room, begging to be heard. The practicing yogi is immediately engaged by a thought or sensation – not this again!  There’s fear that they’ll never get out of this pattern…but the thing is…they will.

And they usually do.  Each time fear appears, it’s is in a lesser degree than the last time you faced it.  It’s coming up again not to keep you from change, but so that you can transcend it.

Of course, we are all subject to time and space.  Injuries happen and experience comes with some heartbreak.  Through mindfulness, however, we can begin to discern the difference between an injury and the stiffness of scar tissue.  We can see that past disappointment does not equal future disappointment.  With mindfulness comes discernment, and through discernment we can identify the fears and old pain patterns that no longer serve us.  And then we can transcend.

As we open up to the possibilities of spring, we’re focusing on twists in class.  Twists have a way of wringing out what we don’t need, and leaving the body longer and stronger.  Mentally, twists can prepare us for change – empowering us to maintain our center even when life has thrown us a couple curves.

Next time you hit a tough spot on the mat or off, notice if you’re holding your breath.  Then – exhale.  It could be that you’re ready to transcend.

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