How to Outsmart a Negative Thought Spiral

Recently I was researching one of my favorite Yoga Sutras, when I came across this translation by Edwin Bryant:

“Upon being harassed by negative thoughts, cultivate counteracting thoughts.”
                         – Yoga Sutra 2.33

When I read this version, two things immediately came up for me:

A) How does Edwin Bryant know me so well?
B) It is time to bring the bhakti back!

For centuries, yogis have used mantra and sound to calm, disperse, and dispense negative thoughts.  Now science can confirm that the brain changes when we replace our paranoia/depression/anxiety with a good bhakti beat. (Alex Korb’s book “The Upward Spiral” looks at the neuroscience in some detail).

Not only does replacing negative thoughts potentially release serotonin and dopamine, a gratefulness practice, “actually affected neuron density” in parts of the brain.  That means that by getting a good sound groove going, you get even better at being positive – transforming that negative energy into positive energy – just like the black panther’s suit!  🙂

Every spring, Jess Caplan and I meet in our Sound Yoga Immersion for one weekend with curious teachers and students who are looking to turn this spiral around.  You’d be amazed at how much trepidation there can be about using our voice! Jess’s chill approach makes it like game time.  Every year – without fail – I walk back into the room and the whole group is laughing and smiling and quite often in a group hug.  What can I say? She’s a master.

With me, we will learn a little harmonium (that box we play in class), and some classic mantras for attracting love, purifying, removing obstacles, and more.  Expect to hear the science behind sound, and how to follow the Path of Creation to your highest good and happiness.

Good news: Since I was late in getting this out, Pure has extended the Early Bird special to this Friday March 9th!

To reserve your spot at the $25-off rate: Reach out to Angela by Friday!