Got Stress? ANB – The Insider’s Life Hack

Got Stress?
ANB – The Insider’s Life Hack  

Regardless of your politics, we know that this particular yoga student above had quite a stressful 2016!

“Alternate Nostril Breathing” – mistakenly called “alternative nostril breathing” by some news sites – is an old and reliable way of managing stress.  I actually used it before going on stage for the first time as an understudy on Broadway.  It can take as little as 2 minutes, but no more than 15, to manage hormones, stress, feelings of anxiety and depression.

Here’s how our Mindfulness teacher, Karen Nourizideh teaches it:

Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breathing)

Purifies the body and stills the mind, brings oxygen to both hemispheres of the brain.

Place the right-hand index and middle fingers between the eyebrow center, the right thumb closes off the right nostril.

Inhale through the left, count “Inhale 1, Inhale 2, Inhale 3”.

Close off the left nostril with the right-hand ring finger, exhale through the right, count “Exhale 1, exhale 2, exhale 3”, inhale through the right nostril, close off the right nostril, exhale through the left for 3 count, inhale thru the left through 3 count, close off the left, exhale through the right, etc.  End on the left side exhalation.  Practice at least 10 rounds.

Nadi Shodhana has immediate effect on cardiovascular, pulmonary and higher functions of the brain.  Nadi-shodhana pranayama practice for 20 minutes showed statistically significant difference in Heart Rate (HR), Systolic Blood Pressure (SBP), Diastolic Blood Pressure (DBP), Reaction Time (RT) and Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (PEFR).*

*Subbalakshmi NK, Saxena SK, Urmimala Urban JAD, Immediate effect of nadishodhana pranayama on some selected parameters of cardiovascular, pulmonary and higher functions of the brain. Thai Journal of Physiological Sciences, 18(2):10-6, 2005.

IAYT Yoga Therapy Letter of Intent for New York’s Prema Yoga Institute

It’s begun!  IAYT has accepted Prema Yoga Institute’s initial materials for full accreditation as an IAYT Yoga Therapy Training School.  This application process will take 5 months to complete, and additional time for review.  Our promising start means great news for previous, current, and future PYI students:
  • PYI intends to honor all completed hours in current and prior trainings.  We will offer an opportunity to audit updated courses when needed.
  • Should you wish to be certified with IAYT, expect to complete 800 hours of training AND 200 hours of guided Practicum – which can include paid hours in your private practice!
  • PYI is expanding with 200+ hours of online content, including a Yoga for Osteoporosis Certification with Dr. Loren Fishman, and a 3-part Embodied Philosophy course with Jacob Kyle.
  • PYI continues to expand its scholarship program through work study and placement programs with our partners at Kula for Karma.
  • As we expand to exceed the international criteria for Yoga Therapist certification, PYI will continue to be the most affordable Yoga Therapy training in the Northeast.
  • Our modular enrollment process makes it possible to pay as you go, and join when ready.

Thanks to all the students who have been taking this incredible journey with us – with grads working at Mt. Sinai Hospital, NYU Hospital, Bellevue Hospital, ICahn School of Medicine, The Oscar Center, and at studios and wellness centers across the Northeast, we are thrilled to see what the next graduating class will do.

Be sure to check out the trainings below.  They are required for graduation, and spots are limited!

Yoga for Positive Body Image” September 23 -24,  Prema students get a $50 discount!

Yoga in Healthcare” October 6 – 29 with Dr. Loren Fishman, Dr. Chris Walling and more.

Sound Yoga Training – Interview with Jessica Caplan

Did you know that it is sound that creates the world? All the creation stories begin with sound – God spoke to create the world, “Om” is the sound of the Universe vibrating – sound is truly our most powerful tool for change.  Sound is where thought becomes action.  I was able to sit down with PYI’s resident Sound Healer and new mother Jessica Caplan to get the full scoop on how this alchemy works:

Dana: Hi Jess!  Please tell us about what led you to sound healing.

Jess: I’ve been a singer for my whole life, and a yoga teacher for over a decade. For the most part, those two parts of me were separate, and I had a strong desire to integrate them. I started to sing to my students in Savasana – usually improvised chants or melodies without English lyrics – and my students would often come up to me after and say how much my singing had helped them release and relax. Around the same time – and this is before this field became as popular as it is now – I started to hear the words “sound healing.” I started to research and read books on the subject. I quickly knew this was something I wanted to explore and practice. That led me to the wonderful year-long program at the Open Center, at the time supervised by Wendy Young. That was the beginning of my journey, and I am still exploring and learning so much. This subject is truly infinite.

D: I notice that many can reach a more meditative state using sound and music.  Why do you think this is?

J: Sound and music has such a profound impact upon us. It’s universal and it’s ancient. Sound works on the brain and body in real and measurable ways. For example, our brain waves entrain (fall in step with) sound waves, so certain sounds can actually shift our brain waves into the more meditative brain wave states of alpha and theta, and even delta (sleep). Sound can also stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, helping us to relax and rest. In my experience, sound engages us in ways that can cut through the mental static and open us up to deeper parts of ourselves.

D: Sound Yoga Training often brings up the most delightful moments of the “school year” for me because you see people open up so easily.  What would you say to those who are a little hesitant to sign up because they aren’t “musical?”

J: I’d say that we are all inherently “musical”! What is sound, but vibration, and what are we, but vibrating atoms? This is another reason why sound has such a profound impact upon us: we are vibrational beings. Watch a baby explore her voice – she is totally free, playful and curious. Somewhere along the way, many of us have shut off our connection to the full range of our voice and our own musicality. Getting in touch with that part of ourselves is touching our essence. On a practical level, this training doesn’t require any previous musical experience – though musicians are always welcome. We’ll have plenty of instruments for beginners to explore playing (singing bowls, tuning forks, harmonium, shrutti box and more); all you need is an open, curious mind, and the ability to listen.

D: Awesome. What can we expect this May 10-12 from the training?

J:  A highly experiential weekend filled with exercises in deep listening, meditative sound and mantra, reconnection to our voices as an expression of our soul, and exploration of a wide range of traditional sound healing instruments. This is a get-your-hands-dirty immersion: less exposition, more experience. Like yoga, the magic of sound healing lies in the practice, not the theory. While students will come away with some understanding of the theory and science, what we really want them to leave with is a newfound connection to sound and music.

Ready to dive into the healing powers of sounds? Scroll down to download a free audio meditation track to help you let go.

New year! Peace in Action, 2017

Recently, in a philosophy class, I learned that the root of the word “shanti” –translated as “peace” from the Sanskrit – is “to recede.” Shanti is willing disturbing thoughts or actions to move away from our center, like the tide. We think of peace as the lack of activity, but in fact it is a gentle action. It has movement, and it has discrimination.

When we repeat “shanti” before or after class, when we include it in our chants, prayers, or meditations, we are really performing a mental act of gravitational pull. Just like the movement of the moon can pull all the oceans of the earth into high and low tides, our mental focus can powerfully determine what we draw towards us, and what recedes.

Make no mistake: This is not an act of denial. Denial is impossible in this post-information era, where we are more likely to know and see too much. And after all, what is thrown into the ocean doesn’t go away. It can only be transformed.

Everything on this earth has its ebb and flow. The Wheel of Life is sometimes up, sometimes down. The geography of our mind has the same tides, except that we are the sun. We are the moon. Along with karma (or fate), we co-determine what we draw towards us, and what recedes.

In this new year, what do you need more of?  What do you need less of?  What is your base – your community and stability that can remain constant below the ebb and flow of life?  Can you accept your shadow self, be it fear or anxiety or anger, while guiding it to recede from the center of your thoughts?

In his Five Sutras for the Aquarian Age, Yogi Bhajan advised us to, “Understand with compassion, or you will misunderstand the times.”  He clarified that we should use compassion as the basis of understanding, as opposed to passion.  We are all passionate about something, and the wave of “news” out there seems designed to provoke these passions.  Compassion can be our constant – an oceanic depth of understanding that can remain stable despite some ugly storms of passion.

Where to start?  Find your community!  In fact – find any community.  Yoga is absolutely awesome for this.  I just returned from a dreamy, transformative and beyond fun retreat to Panama with this tribe:

Despite the fact that most of us had never met, that we came from different cities with wildly different ages and backgrounds, we easily bonded together for yoga and other tribal adventures. We burnt our obstacles in a huge bonfire on a moonlit island, then jetted back to the retreat to celebrate and dance on the bar. This was all possible because of my partners in crime, Juan Gamboa and Esco Wilson, and because these yogis said YES!

I deeply encourage you to say “Yes” to your yoga community this year. It is here to support you, to comfort you, to occasionally challenge you, and deepen your oceanic base of compassion. Trainings like Prema Yoga Therapeutic Essentials are designed to support your self care, and to elevate you with the fire of tejas – or learning.

Retreats like the Yoga & Safari Retreat are designed to open your practice and mind up to nature. Both are spiritual, yes, and celebratory! We are so lucky to have each other.

So just – come. Come to class. Come to study, come to retreat. Reply by Sunday to reserve your spot for Africa! The Wheel of Life will turn again, and the opportunity will be gone.

PS “Prema Yoga Therapeutics” and are now Prema Yoga Institute!

Article: “Yoga Is Really for Imperfect People”

Hey guys,

My darling yoga geek friends at Yoganonymous just published my last article. I suggested the title, “Return of the Yoga Clown,” but they went with the classier title below. What do you think?

Thanks, D


Yoga Is Really for Imperfect People

Lately, we’ve had another wave in the culture at large to satire and make fun of our yoga clique.

And why not? The yoga culture is absolutely begging for a good roast. Hula hoops, bandhas, scandals, and unicorns—oh my! It’s like the mid-60s overtook a bad ashram.

So it’s not so much that we’re a known punchline, but that some of the stock yoga characters have already become cliché—the lecherous male yoga teacher (on Modern Family), the hypocritical hot yoga chic (on “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”) — haven’t we seen these clowns already?

Read More

Excerpts from my “Tidying Up in 2016” Newsletter

Tidying Up in 2016

Happy New Year!  I hope that you’re staying warm and inspired in these shiny new days of 2016.  This year holds so much potential for us all.

Lately I’ve been following the organizational techniques made popular by Marie Kondo’s book,  “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.”  Her main technique is to hold an item close, sense if it brings you joy, and throw it away if it doesn’t.  So far, I’ve delivered 11 bags of donations to my local thrift store and 4 bags of old paperwork to the recycling bin.  Not only does my place feel more clean and tidy for the new year, but I get a secondary hit of joy of walking by the thrift store, and seeing that my old stuff was only displayed a few days before it was snatched up.

For me, this has been a conscious act – a metaphor for the emotional “cleaning up” needed to live my life more fully and honestly.  I’ve resisted unilateral decisions, instead initiating talks with people dear to me to “tidy up” our dynamic.  I’ve trimmed my schedule to devote my energy to the amazing events below, and to find precious free time for dreaming and friends and self care.

At home, the hardest places to clean have been the little nooks and cranny’s where I stored up old, sentimental stuff.  I was happy to come across an old Domestic Partnership Testament that my former boyfriend and I signed and sent in for insurance that year.   I got to tear it up, releasing the past.  It was trickier to tear up an old love letter, where he called me the “brightest star in his sky.”  But I did it – and with gratefulness.  [A good mantra for this kind of work:  “I was loved, I am loved, I will be loved.” ]

To clean up my “head space” – what the yogis call thecittakash – I’ve enlisted the help of a Life Coach.  Together, we meditate – always – with gratefulness.  I have already done the deep cleaning of scrubbing the past with my forgiveness, but there seems to be some hidden corners of my mindset that have not been purified with gratefulness.

And I’m just beginning to see the transformative effects of complete gratefulness.
Forgiveness releases others from your judgments, and you from the old mental pattern of hurt and blame.   But gratefulness can wash the entire slate clean!

Curious yet?  Come see me in class, or try this simple meditation detailed below at home.

See you on the mat,

Yoga Vida – Vinyasa Sequencing & Assists Training
Feb. 15-24

with Dana, Dominic Sarvino, Ali Cramer, and Ashtanga teacher Adam Wade starts January 15th!

Join me & the new generation of vinyasa leaders at my new downtown haunt,  Yoga Vida, in what is sure to be an innovative 300 hour program.

This first module features a two-weekend immersion into how to create your own unique class that honors and proffers from classic vinyasa krama.  Learn how and why vinyasa works, and how to hold to hold a safe yet exciting and transformative space for your students.

This official sign-up deadline is this Sunday January 10!  If you wish to deepen your vinyasa teaching, don’t let it pass you by!  Pop in for just one module, or get this required module under your belt.

Perfect for all teachers with the equivalent of a YA 200.

Click here to register!

Tulum Update:

Single rooms for our Sweat and Surrender escape are filling up fast!  Reach out to me or Halle to hook up with an awesome roomie, or grab a friend and get yours.  Flights are starting to climb, so lock it down today!

Rooms are filling fast.
Reserve your spot today!


Medical Yoga Therapy:
with Dr. Chris Walling,
Dr. Loren Fishman and Karen Nourizadeh
February 5-28, 2016
Friday 6-9p, Saturday 9a-6p, Sunday 11a-8p

We’re thrilled to announce that our Medical Yoga Therapy Course is approved to provide 74 Continuing Education Units to nurses and psychologists.  Please spread the news to those you know in the medical community who would like to integrate yoga breathing and healing postures, Yoga Nidra, and mindfulness into their practices.

We also have about 10 spaces left for yoga teachers who’d like the skills to modify teaching for injury in an accessible way. These valuable skills are becoming more in demand, as experts like our own Dr. Loren Fishman release 
evidence-based studies of the efficacy of yoga.

For CEU’s, Email Dana to find out more.

Learn how the movement and meditation techniques of yoga can powerfully compliment Western medical care. Practice evidence-based mindfulness meditations, Yoga Nidra, and breathing skills that can be incorporated into conventional treatment models for behavioral medicine and chronic disease management. Learn the applications of asana – the yoga poses – to alleviate pain and imbalance. Apply proven, peer coaching techniques to overcome client resistance in promoting healthy choices in health and wellness practices.

Dr. Loren Fishman, MD, and team will present evidence and yoga posture techniques to address:

– Neurological and Musculoskeletal Back Pain
– Scoliosis and Bone Health
– Rotator Cuff Syndrome
– Osteoporosis
and more.

Dr. Chris Walling, Somatic Psychologist, will present cutting-edge findings on how yoga addresses mental and emotional imbalances, including:

– Chronic pain
– PTSD and trauma
– Burnout / Stress Management
– Depression
– Anxiety
– Auto-immune disorders
and more.

Learn Yoga Nidra, postures and movement, mindfulness exercises, breathing exercises, and coaching techniques to address a broad array of conditions, including:

– PTSD and trauma
– Anxiety/Depression
– Stress management
– Heart disease and cancer prevention
– Chronic Pain
– Chronic Disease management
and more.

Prema Yoga Therapy trainings cultivate a community of like-minded individuals, sharing healing approaches from ancient traditions within evidence-based perspectives. Medical Yoga Therapy prepares professionals to integrate yoga into medical care, whether they work in yoga, complimentary medicine, or Western medicine. Approaches are practical, experiential, and evidence-based. Perfect for yoga teachers, therapists, mental health and medical providers alike.

Learn how the movement and meditation techniques of yoga can powerfully compliment Western medical care. Practice evidence-based mindfulness meditations, Yoga Nidra, and breathing skills that can be incorporated into conventional treatment models for behavioral medicine and chronic disease management. Learn the applications of asana – the yoga poses – to alleviate pain and imbalance. Apply proven, peer coaching techniques to overcome client resistance in promoting healthy choices in health and wellness practices.

Click here to sign up today.

Prema Yoga Therapy Clinics

Care to see all that we will be offering in February of 2015?  Yoga Therapy Clinics are doctor-advised, and provide individualized care from some of New York’s finest therapeutic teachers, including Erica Mather, Karen Nourizideh, Jon Witt, Stephanie Ervin, and Taylor Dunham!  See if it’s right for you or a loved one that you would like to empower in the healing process. Yoga is a gift that can keep on giving throughout our lifetime. It belongs to none, but is made for all. Clinics address back care, joint health, sleep techniques, and athletic recovery.

Click here to see upcoming clinics!

Gratefulness Meditation

Sit in an easy way with your spine nice and long. Inhale and lift your shoulders towards your ears, then sigh it out as you drop your shoulders down and back. Repeat three times.Then, with your eyes closed or the gaze low and calm, bring your awareness to your breath, breathing through your nose. Observe how the belly expands when you inhale, and decreases when you exhale. Observe your deep breath without changing it.

On the inhale, say to yourself in your head, “I am grateful for- ”
On the exhale, complete this statement.

Keep this mantra going as you breathe, stating a new thing or person or quality you’re grateful for with every exhale. Five minutes can change your perspective. Practicing for 11 minutes or more can go into more ingrained opinions and thoughts. Observe what comes up, and “wash” it with your gratefulness.

Let me know how it goes! Grateful, Dana

Dana’s Weekly Schedule

4:30p Hot Power @Pure West
7:45p Hot Slow Flow @ Pure West
10:30a Yin/Yang @ Pure East
6p Prema Vinyasa Lv. 2 @Pure East
12:30p Hot Flow @ Yoga Vida *NEW CLASS
5:00p Slow Flow @ Pure West
11a Prema Vinyasa Lv. 2 @ Pure West
2:00p Hot Flow @Yoga Vida *NEW CLASS
4:30p Prema Vinyasa 2/3 @Pure East
6:30p Restorative @ Pure East

Excerpts from My September Newsletter

Follow Your Bliss in the New “School” Year

Hey Om-y Homies!  I trust you had an amazing summer.  In Prema Yoga Therapeutics, we graduated 14 teachers from the Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Training Immersion, and still had time for a great vacation.  As we transition to fall and vata season, it seems the whole world is in transition as well.  Now is a time to empower our inner guide, and to seek outwardly what the heart inwardly desires.
In class,  we’re exploring the archetype of the eagle. Garudasana is commonly translated as “eagle pose,” but is named for a greater mythological creature named Garuda, the king of the eagles.  Garuda helps Vishnu – god of love and life – to see above the terrain and to go where he wishes to go.  Pursuing “garuda” energy means  developing one’s vision past your current drama, and honing in on just where your dharma (or truth) is meant to take you.
This coming year, I’m deeply pleased to join forces with some of the greatest “heart teachers” I know – all of them experts in their knowledge base – who follow their bliss with such a trailblazing presence that they light up the path for the rest of us.
I know that if I’m to ask you to follow for your bliss, I must do the same.  Each project is a true labor of love – come join us!

Follow Your Bliss  2015/2016

Yoga Sound Therapy Immersion with Jessica Caplan
Tulum Sweat & Surrender Retreat with Halle Becker
> Advanced Trainings at Yoga Vida and Ohra Yoga
> 200 Hour Teacher Training offerings with Drishti Yoga in Costa Rica and Three Sisters Yoga in Portland
And the granddaddy of them all….
> Medical Yoga Therapy Training with Dr. Chris Walling,  Dr. Loren Fishman, and Karen Nourizadeh.

Where is you bliss leading you?  I’m thrilled to see where our paths will connect this coming year!
Looking forward,

Yoga Sound Therapy Immersion:

With Jessica Caplan

Friday-Sunday Nov. 6-8 and Saturday Nov. 14

Pure West

Immerse yourself in the transformative healing of sound with Jessica and Dana. Learn how sound creates the world, and how to use mantra, music, vibration and rhythm for healing effect. Review the science of sound therapy, and how music can improve mental processing. Learn to chant, play harmonium, tuning forks and Tibetan bowls, and deepen strength of and connection to the voice. Apply classic Vedic, Hindu, and Tibetan mantras to group and one-on-one yoga sessions for a comprehensive list of ailments. Musical instruments are welcome – not required. All curious yogis, teachers, and wellness professionals are welcome to join!
Tulum Sweat & Surrender Retreat with Halle Becker:

Amansala Eco-Chic Resort in Tulum, Mexico

February 17-22, 2016

Indulge in a 6 day, 5 night Power Yoga retreat in paradise. Tag-team workshops twice per day with Halle & Dana, power beach walks, snorkeling, bike rides, and Mayan adventures fill your days for a retreat to strengthen your mind and your core.

Click here for more information!

Medical Yoga Therapy:

with Dr. Chris Walling, Dr. Loren Fishman and Karen Nourizadeh
February 5 – 28, 2016

Learn how the movement and meditation techniques of Yoga Therapy can powerfully compliment Western medicine. Practice evidence-based mindfulness meditations, Yoga Nidra, and breathing skills that can easily be incorporated into conventional treatment models for both behavioral medicine and chronic disease management. Dive into the literature on cutting-edge somatic psychological theory, and learn evidence based mind body interventions for chronic pain, depression, burnout, or anxiety. Practice assessment strategies to apply Yoga Therapy, and the appropriate indicators for referrals. Participants will also learn how to apply Motivational Interviewing skills – a proven peer coaching technique that can help overcome client resistance in promoting healthy choices in health and wellness practices. Learn how to use the HeartMath (TM) system to manage stress, increase resilience and more. Perfect for yoga teachers, therapists, mental health and allopathic medical providers alike.

Click here for more information!

Shop Prema Style!

Now introducing Prema Therapeutics’ new “Shopping” page! Shop for Hyde Organic Yoga Apparel and Banyan Botanicals here! When shopping with Hyde, be sure to use the code “Dana10”! I absolutely love the products these companies provide, and, most importantly, how they produce them. They have both positively influenced my yoga journey so much. Hyde is a locally-owned company that sources organic, breathable cotton from fair labor businesses. Banyan Botanicals is the leader in providing Ayurvedic products you can count on.

Good Vibrations: Pitta Season Approaches

Well, Summer is al​most here at last. I’m preparing the Summer Solstice Handstand/Backbend Workshop and the Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Immersion – and I feel like I’ve been getting the gang together for one last heist!

The incomparable Naveen Michaan, Founder of Katonah Yoga, will be teaching Sacred Geometry in Prema’s Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Immersion  July 14 – August 2 at Pure East. Studying with Naveen has changed the way that I look at bodies forever. Her keen eye considers the sacred geometry of who we are, how we became what we are, and how we can transform for greater ease and happiness.

We’ll take a field trip to the Town of Mid (i.e.: 57th Street) to study with Dr. Gregg Rubinstein. As a chiropractor and teacher, Gregg has a way of making even the most scary back-injury “-isms” understandable and manageable. I always leave his lectures feeling ready to empower back injury clients to move and be well.

My first Ayurvedic teacher – Alison Cramer of Laughing  Lotus fame – is going to teach us how to mix spices to treat doshic imbalances, and Pure’s own Private Yoga Manager, Sonja Rzepski, will be guiding us through teaching privates for abundance – in complete alignment with the principles of yoga.  Check out her inspiring interview below.

I’m so honored and humbled to have these guys back on the team.  Be sure to sign up to reserve your spot soon.
And if you have any backbend or handstand varieties that you’d like to break down in the Summer Solstice Workshop June 19th,  holler back – I am taking requests!

Grateful, Dana

Words of Wisdom: Sonja Rzepski

Master Yoga Teacher and Private Practice Manager at Pure Yoga

Sonja, you came to Pure with a full client roster culled over years of teaching.  Now you further the careers of so many young teachers as Private Practice Manager at Pure.  You must have heard some inspiring stories from our yoga therapy clients!

Absolutely!  One graduate of your training, who I had hired 9 months ago, has a student who had so many life-threatening conditions and surgeries, that when she showed up for her first session it probably took her 15-20 minutes to get to the reception desk, as she moved painfully and slowly with her walker, never lifting her gaze from the floor. The teacher had thought ahead and arranged for a chair and a massage table to be in the room as the student would not be able to get up and down to the floor. The teacher had done her homework and the student felt cared for right away. 8 months later (yesterday) I saw this same student (who practices 2 times a week now) smiling and walking briskly to her appointment casually swinging a cane, not really needing it at all. It brought tears to my eyes.
How do you suggest keeping yoga and training clients committed to their path?
Connection and bravery. In the private work, we as teachers are agreeing to the moment, to what is truly going on with the student. Basically it’s like going hiking, but the teacher has walked the trail before. Granted you may not know what challenges you will encounter, but you are a steward in a sense, clearing the path, so the student finds their own way. When guided correctly in the study of yoga, a student naturally realizes all of life is an opportunity to practice, and then the study becomes a priority.

You’re teaching “The Abundance Model of Yoga Business” in Prema Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy 7/14 – 8/2.  What are you excited to share with the students?
A plan. I have tools to share that have worked for me and for my staff. Working with the mentality of abundance theory we will cover: connecting with potential students, setting up the first session to succeed, defining a healthy teacher/client business relationship, and up to date info on such practicalities as structuring rates and getting referrals. I want to elevate the way in which we as yoga teachers do business, by believe it or not, using our yogic principals.

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy teaches that asana should be applied specifically to time, place, and individual.  How have you learned to tune in to what the client truly needs? 
By getting out of the our own way and communicating. In other words, I am very careful to set strong clear boundaries and expectations. It is about two people working on a project, the project being the client’s yoga path, not our own. Trust what you do know, use mentors when you need to, and then treat each student like they are the Buddha sent to teach you something.

Thank you, Sonja, for sharing so generously with our yoga therapists-to-be!