Good Vibrations: Pitta Season Approaches

Well, Summer is al​most here at last. I’m preparing the Summer Solstice Handstand/Backbend Workshop and the Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Immersion – and I feel like I’ve been getting the gang together for one last heist!

The incomparable Naveen Michaan, Founder of Katonah Yoga, will be teaching Sacred Geometry in Prema’s Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Immersion  July 14 – August 2 at Pure East. Studying with Naveen has changed the way that I look at bodies forever. Her keen eye considers the sacred geometry of who we are, how we became what we are, and how we can transform for greater ease and happiness.

We’ll take a field trip to the Town of Mid (i.e.: 57th Street) to study with Dr. Gregg Rubinstein. As a chiropractor and teacher, Gregg has a way of making even the most scary back-injury “-isms” understandable and manageable. I always leave his lectures feeling ready to empower back injury clients to move and be well.

My first Ayurvedic teacher – Alison Cramer of Laughing  Lotus fame – is going to teach us how to mix spices to treat doshic imbalances, and Pure’s own Private Yoga Manager, Sonja Rzepski, will be guiding us through teaching privates for abundance – in complete alignment with the principles of yoga.  Check out her inspiring interview below.

I’m so honored and humbled to have these guys back on the team.  Be sure to sign up to reserve your spot soon.
And if you have any backbend or handstand varieties that you’d like to break down in the Summer Solstice Workshop June 19th,  holler back – I am taking requests!

Grateful, Dana