Excerpts from my “Pop into an Amazing Workshop this February″ Newsletter

Hello, Om-mie Hommies!

Can’t commit to a whole training, but wish to deepen your practice, to study with the leaders in therapeutic yoga, and to feel like a college kid again? These amazing workshops are now open to the public. Please reserve your spot ASAP- slots are limited!

Your Fan,


The Neuroscience of Yoga:
Yoga As Psychotherapy

with Dr. Chris Walling
Saturday, Feb. 13th 2:30-6 p.m.
Pure East

Since the days of Freud, research into the mind-body relationship has come a long way. Studies show that not only are your mental health and mood dependent in large part on physical factors like exercise, but also unchecked stress, anxiety and depression can affect physical health, increasing blood pressure, heart disease and even risk of death. With the advent of sophisticating imaging technologies, the neurobiological revolution has revolutionized our understanding of the mind body connection, and psychotherapy has changed by abandoning so called “talking cures” and bringing the body into the sense of mental health interventions. Join International Yoga therapist and body psychologist Dr. Chris Walling as he summarizes the latest cutting edge research into the psychological impact of yoga on the brain.

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Yoga Therapy for Spine Care & Joint Health

with Dr. Loren Fishman
Friday, Feb. 19 6-8 p.m.
Saturday, Feb. 20 9 a.m.-6 p.m.
Pure East

Loren Fishman, MD, will share his pioneering, prize-winning research – both published and unpublished – on how yoga heals medical conditions. There will be asana and explanation for the seven major causes of back pain, spinal and bone issues, shoulder pain and more. Dr. Fishman studied with BKS Iyengar for a year in Pune, India, before establishing his 30+ year medical practice in New York.

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Tulum Update:

Be impulsive! One king room & two double rooms to share are left!

Rooms are filling fast.
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Drishti 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Costa Rica
April 1-25, 2015

Have you always wanted to do your teacher training, but need a vacation first? Why not do both? I’ll be teaching in this fantastic teacher training in one of the prettiest places in the world: Costa Rica. Be sure to tell them Slampy sent you!

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Excerpts from my “Tidying Up in 2016” Newsletter

Tidying Up in 2016

Happy New Year!  I hope that you’re staying warm and inspired in these shiny new days of 2016.  This year holds so much potential for us all.

Lately I’ve been following the organizational techniques made popular by Marie Kondo’s book,  “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.”  Her main technique is to hold an item close, sense if it brings you joy, and throw it away if it doesn’t.  So far, I’ve delivered 11 bags of donations to my local thrift store and 4 bags of old paperwork to the recycling bin.  Not only does my place feel more clean and tidy for the new year, but I get a secondary hit of joy of walking by the thrift store, and seeing that my old stuff was only displayed a few days before it was snatched up.

For me, this has been a conscious act – a metaphor for the emotional “cleaning up” needed to live my life more fully and honestly.  I’ve resisted unilateral decisions, instead initiating talks with people dear to me to “tidy up” our dynamic.  I’ve trimmed my schedule to devote my energy to the amazing events below, and to find precious free time for dreaming and friends and self care.

At home, the hardest places to clean have been the little nooks and cranny’s where I stored up old, sentimental stuff.  I was happy to come across an old Domestic Partnership Testament that my former boyfriend and I signed and sent in for insurance that year.   I got to tear it up, releasing the past.  It was trickier to tear up an old love letter, where he called me the “brightest star in his sky.”  But I did it – and with gratefulness.  [A good mantra for this kind of work:  “I was loved, I am loved, I will be loved.” ]

To clean up my “head space” – what the yogis call thecittakash – I’ve enlisted the help of a Life Coach.  Together, we meditate – always – with gratefulness.  I have already done the deep cleaning of scrubbing the past with my forgiveness, but there seems to be some hidden corners of my mindset that have not been purified with gratefulness.

And I’m just beginning to see the transformative effects of complete gratefulness.
Forgiveness releases others from your judgments, and you from the old mental pattern of hurt and blame.   But gratefulness can wash the entire slate clean!

Curious yet?  Come see me in class, or try this simple meditation detailed below at home.

See you on the mat,

Yoga Vida – Vinyasa Sequencing & Assists Training
Feb. 15-24

with Dana, Dominic Sarvino, Ali Cramer, and Ashtanga teacher Adam Wade starts January 15th!

Join me & the new generation of vinyasa leaders at my new downtown haunt,  Yoga Vida, in what is sure to be an innovative 300 hour program.

This first module features a two-weekend immersion into how to create your own unique class that honors and proffers from classic vinyasa krama.  Learn how and why vinyasa works, and how to hold to hold a safe yet exciting and transformative space for your students.

This official sign-up deadline is this Sunday January 10!  If you wish to deepen your vinyasa teaching, don’t let it pass you by!  Pop in for just one module, or get this required module under your belt.

Perfect for all teachers with the equivalent of a YA 200.

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Tulum Update:

Single rooms for our Sweat and Surrender escape are filling up fast!  Reach out to me or Halle to hook up with an awesome roomie, or grab a friend and get yours.  Flights are starting to climb, so lock it down today!

Rooms are filling fast.
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Medical Yoga Therapy:
with Dr. Chris Walling,
Dr. Loren Fishman and Karen Nourizadeh
February 5-28, 2016
Friday 6-9p, Saturday 9a-6p, Sunday 11a-8p

We’re thrilled to announce that our Medical Yoga Therapy Course is approved to provide 74 Continuing Education Units to nurses and psychologists.  Please spread the news to those you know in the medical community who would like to integrate yoga breathing and healing postures, Yoga Nidra, and mindfulness into their practices.

We also have about 10 spaces left for yoga teachers who’d like the skills to modify teaching for injury in an accessible way. These valuable skills are becoming more in demand, as experts like our own Dr. Loren Fishman release 
evidence-based studies of the efficacy of yoga.

For CEU’s, Email Dana to find out more.

Learn how the movement and meditation techniques of yoga can powerfully compliment Western medical care. Practice evidence-based mindfulness meditations, Yoga Nidra, and breathing skills that can be incorporated into conventional treatment models for behavioral medicine and chronic disease management. Learn the applications of asana – the yoga poses – to alleviate pain and imbalance. Apply proven, peer coaching techniques to overcome client resistance in promoting healthy choices in health and wellness practices.

Dr. Loren Fishman, MD, and team will present evidence and yoga posture techniques to address:

– Neurological and Musculoskeletal Back Pain
– Scoliosis and Bone Health
– Rotator Cuff Syndrome
– Osteoporosis
and more.

Dr. Chris Walling, Somatic Psychologist, will present cutting-edge findings on how yoga addresses mental and emotional imbalances, including:

– Chronic pain
– PTSD and trauma
– Burnout / Stress Management
– Depression
– Anxiety
– Auto-immune disorders
and more.

Learn Yoga Nidra, postures and movement, mindfulness exercises, breathing exercises, and coaching techniques to address a broad array of conditions, including:

– PTSD and trauma
– Anxiety/Depression
– Stress management
– Heart disease and cancer prevention
– Chronic Pain
– Chronic Disease management
and more.

Prema Yoga Therapy trainings cultivate a community of like-minded individuals, sharing healing approaches from ancient traditions within evidence-based perspectives. Medical Yoga Therapy prepares professionals to integrate yoga into medical care, whether they work in yoga, complimentary medicine, or Western medicine. Approaches are practical, experiential, and evidence-based. Perfect for yoga teachers, therapists, mental health and medical providers alike.

Learn how the movement and meditation techniques of yoga can powerfully compliment Western medical care. Practice evidence-based mindfulness meditations, Yoga Nidra, and breathing skills that can be incorporated into conventional treatment models for behavioral medicine and chronic disease management. Learn the applications of asana – the yoga poses – to alleviate pain and imbalance. Apply proven, peer coaching techniques to overcome client resistance in promoting healthy choices in health and wellness practices.

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Prema Yoga Therapy Clinics

Care to see all that we will be offering in February of 2015?  Yoga Therapy Clinics are doctor-advised, and provide individualized care from some of New York’s finest therapeutic teachers, including Erica Mather, Karen Nourizideh, Jon Witt, Stephanie Ervin, and Taylor Dunham!  See if it’s right for you or a loved one that you would like to empower in the healing process. Yoga is a gift that can keep on giving throughout our lifetime. It belongs to none, but is made for all. Clinics address back care, joint health, sleep techniques, and athletic recovery.

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Gratefulness Meditation

Sit in an easy way with your spine nice and long. Inhale and lift your shoulders towards your ears, then sigh it out as you drop your shoulders down and back. Repeat three times.Then, with your eyes closed or the gaze low and calm, bring your awareness to your breath, breathing through your nose. Observe how the belly expands when you inhale, and decreases when you exhale. Observe your deep breath without changing it.

On the inhale, say to yourself in your head, “I am grateful for- ”
On the exhale, complete this statement.

Keep this mantra going as you breathe, stating a new thing or person or quality you’re grateful for with every exhale. Five minutes can change your perspective. Practicing for 11 minutes or more can go into more ingrained opinions and thoughts. Observe what comes up, and “wash” it with your gratefulness.

Let me know how it goes! Grateful, Dana

Dana’s Weekly Schedule

4:30p Hot Power @Pure West
7:45p Hot Slow Flow @ Pure West
10:30a Yin/Yang @ Pure East
6p Prema Vinyasa Lv. 2 @Pure East
12:30p Hot Flow @ Yoga Vida *NEW CLASS
5:00p Slow Flow @ Pure West
11a Prema Vinyasa Lv. 2 @ Pure West
2:00p Hot Flow @Yoga Vida *NEW CLASS
4:30p Prema Vinyasa 2/3 @Pure East
6:30p Restorative @ Pure East